About us

The Learning analytics group at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm University, aims to increase knowledge and understanding of ways in which learning analytics (LA) and artificial intelligence (AI) can support and enhance education. As such the group aims to connect researchers and other stakeholders that share a common interest in tracing learning, understanding learning, and improving learning with the support of LA and AI.  The group broadly covers advances in learning analytics and artificial intelligence for education, including but not limited to the following topics: tools and methodologies for LA & AI for education, applications of LA & AI for education in real-world settings, theoretical perspectives on LA & AI for education. More specifically, our research focus on the following themes on all levels on the educational system (primary school to higher education):

  1. learners activity, engagement and motivation
  2. modelling learners interactivity in learning and teaching environments (online, blended and physical enviroments)
  3. evaluate, inform and develop current teaching practices and learning designs
  4. application of  machine learning, data mining, and predictive analytics
  5. integrate social network analysis and network modelling tools
  6. improve feedback practices and support personalised learning
  7. analyze, inform and improve learning organisations based on data

The group presents an interdisciplinary character and consists of a number of senior researchers and PhD students interested in the use of technology in formal and informal learning contexts.


For more information and interest in research collaborations, please contact Jalal Nouri